So who is ISSA?

Alfred Richter, the founder of ISSA, the world's oldest hygiene association, which aims to provide a healthy, safe living environment with its different stance on hygiene, founded the association in 1923 because he believed that a community should unite not only for its members but also to protect the health of the nation. This journey, which started with a few founding members, increased its international members by 1966 and its name was changed to International Sanitary Supply Association. In 2005, the association incorporated cleaning service providers and gained its current name.

Where Does It Operate?

ISSA provides services to all corners of the world, supporting its members in every sense with the training it provides to raise awareness about hygiene, preparing publications on hygiene, organizing fairs and determining international hygiene standards. 

It maintains collaboration with more than 75 local, regional and national associations around the world, as well as industry, public and many leading social organizations. Working by connecting with more than 10,500 distributors, wholesale manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, in-house service providers, residential cleaners, publishers and associate members, ISSA generously shares its 100 years of experience with its members.



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