About Us

United Group, which started its journey of investments and business in the automotive sector in 1974, now focuses its activities on integrated facility management, private security, professional cleaning, automotive, construction, training, and technology.

After a phase of change and transformation in 2014, United Group has rapidly grown each year by investing in different sectors, progressing with a strategy which is centered on customer-oriented service and sustainable growth.

United Group, with more than 100 white-collar and nearly 5,000 field employees, provides services in 68 provinces of Turkey, offering high quality integrated solutions within every field of its operations.

United Group aims to contribute to the Turkish economy by offering services that benefit the society as a whole in accordance with the conditions of business and heightened competition in the globalized world without compromising national and cultural values.

Using the full potential of its broad service, knowledge and cooperation network in its best efforts to achieve its goals with the vision of becoming a standard-setting global player, United Group continues to discover collaboration and investment opportunities that it believes will benefit the country’s economy. 


1. Equity

We have adopted a fair management approach for our employees and stakeholders by prioritizing ethics, integrity and transparency.

2. Commitment to National and Cultural Values

Since the first day of our investments and business, we have always put our national, cultural and moral values at the forefront.

3. Sincerity

We aim to make a difference in our activities by centering our business around sincerity.

4. Unity and Solidarity

We believe that team spirit, strong communication and synergy will bring shared success.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

We act by our sense of social responsibility and value the efforts for achieving sustainable development with a sensible approach to the environment and nature.


Dear Esteemed Stakeholders and Employees,

At United Group, we share the excitement of fusing together years of experience with our strong corporate transformation that started in 2014. We are committed to local and cultural values as well as we aim to add value and introduce innovations to our industry as we take further steps in line with global dynamics.

We are powered by our employees and partners as we go through this change and transformation, which we consider the epitome of the importance we attach to branding and a strong leverage, differentiating us in the sector. We base our strength on our devoted human resources, which is our highest value added, on our desire to always go beyond and on strong teamwork. In addition to achieving rapid growth, we plan to expand our family by employing 20,000 people by 2023 with our investments to contribute to the Turkish economy. As we are reaping the fruits of our strong growth-oriented mindset and customer-focused approach, we provide solutions for all of our business partners with a widespread service network spanning 68 provinces.

Today, we are proud to combine our longstanding reputable business activities in the sector with a strong financial infrastructure. We know that economic growth itself is not enough to create value for the future. Therefore, we continue taking firm steps on the path of rapid growth illuminated by technology and innovation, without compromising on the values that define us, our principles of corporate governance and our sustainability policies. We know that the most valuable contribution to be made in the sector lies in education. Building on our philosophy of investing all of our efforts and experience in the future of Turkey, we have now included training in our main line of activities. We believe that, as one of the most prominent training institutions in the sector, United Academy will create value for our employees and the sector.

As we lead the ever-growing United Group into the future with accurate strategies and investments, we will never cease to contribute to the Turkish economy and add value to all of our stakeholders with our strong team.