Integrated Facility Services

Integrated Facility Services

Facility Management Services is a management technique aiming to optimize corporate profitability and productivity within complex architectures, offer novel and high-tech solutions, and set up modern living spaces in line with the population growth and changing demands of the globalized world.

Integrated Facility Management is a service that aims to meet all the needs of a facility through end-to-end integration. It incorporates the functionality objectives which combine high quality with the needs and requirements in activities outside the company’s core business areas.

United Group combines its proprietary solutions with professional skills, effective management techniques and modern technology to provide you with a team of experts managing your facility efficiently.

Major Areas of Activities and Services of Facility Management

  • Building Services (heating; cooling; generators; water treatment, processing and use; area planning; moving in and out)
  • Maintenance and Repair Services (Maintenance and repair of building systems, equipment, tools and devices)
  • Security Services (building access control of the personnel, visitors and materia
  • Civil Defense and Disaster Preparedness (rescue operations & reduction of life loss and property damage in case of emergencies and disasters)
  • Catering and Other Refreshments Serving (food, cafeteria, fast food, etc.)
  • Cleaning Services (office, surroundings, exterior cleaning)
  • Gardening, Plant Care, and Landscaping (indoor and outdoor plant care)
  • Transportation Services (transporting personnel, shuttles, allocating vehicles and drivers)
  • Conference and Meeting Venue Management
  • Reception Desk Services (personnel and visitor traffic)
  • Archive Management (physical storage and usage of documents)
  • Communication Services (telephone exchange management with data and voice wiring)
  • Storage and Distribution (on-site material management)
  • Delivery services (on-site and off-site delivery services)
  • Print Shops (printing, copying, copy machines)
  • Health Services (first aid, ambulance)
  • Gyms (locker rooms, shower, exercise room, and sports equipment)
  • Mini Markets and Vending Machines (soft drinks, newspapers, magazines etc.)

The above items and services are determined by the company management.  United Group Facility Management Services offer you the freedom to focus on your work with all your energy and ensure that your facilities are run smoothly by an experienced team of experts.