Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Protecting your facility from pests such as fleas and other insects is important for creating a healthy and hygienic working environment. To keep your facilities free from pests, United Group provides customized solutions in Pest Control, thus strengthening your corporate image and offering your customers and employees a healthy and safe environment.

United Group controls pests at your facility with the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. The program utilizes biological methods for economical and environmentally friendly pest control. Fundamental principles of IPM can be categorized under 5 groups.

Distinctive Features of Our Pest Control Services

  • Identification of the problem through monitoring (methods to identify pests)
  • Insulation (blocking pest entry points)
  • Cleaning (keeping pests from taking shelter within the facility through sanitation)
  • Physical and Mechanical Control (utilization of pest traps at potential pest shelters across a facility in combination with temperature and humidity level adjustments to inhibit reproduction)
  • Chemical methods (use of biocides only when necessary)

We have professional teams practicing these methods for a proper pest control.