Reception and Information Desk Services

Reception and Information Desk Services

Reception and information desk services play an important role in making a lasting impression on your guests. Through our competent and experienced staff in the Reception and Information Desk Services, one of the important elements of integrated facility management, United Group adds value to your business by strengthening your corporate reputation.

Through our reception and information desk services, we ensure that your guests are correctly informed and guided as well as enjoy their visits from the very first minute they enter your facility until they leave. 

At United Group, we are there for you with a custom-oriented approach and services that make a difference!

Distinctive Features of our Reception and Information Desk Services

  • We provide to our entire staff customer reception training that covers verbal and non-verbal communication rules, drivers of customer satisfaction, complaint and dispute management to make sure they host your guests and customers in a proper manner.
  • We enable you to handle operations including documentation and telephone traffic, reception, guiding, and accompanying, and so on through a single point of contact.
  • To host your guests from abroad, we require each team member to speak at least one foreign language so that your guests can always feel at home, regardless of their country of origin or cultural background.