Technical Operation and Maintenance Services

Technical Operation and Maintenance Services

Managing technical operations and mechanical maintenance services of a facility primarily requires expertise in a wide range of areas.  At United Group, we attach great importance to establishing a problem-free infrastructure in the projects we undertake for seamless operation of systems such as heating, cooling, plumbing, renovation and electrical infrastructure.

To deliver technical operation and maintenance services, we first assess your mechanical maintenance and repair needs. With a top-notch service and qualified engineers and technicians, we ensure that you get full efficiency from the mechanical infrastructure of your workplace.

What We Offer through Technical Operation and Maintenance Services

  • Our experienced team of experts provides regular and continuous maintenance. Therefore, we assess the overwhelming majority of potential problems in advance and intervene in them as required.
  • Through teams promptly intervening in unexpected problems, we are at your disposal 24/7 for emergency repair and maintenance needs.
  • When the need arises, we activate new equipment very easily and swiftly on the infrastructure we set up with modern and innovative technology beforehand.
  • To avoid any harm to the efficiency of your facility, production and personnel, we use special equipment and tools and make sure that our team consists of well-trained and certified professionals.

A well-trained team of customer services is always at your disposal to help you with any problems you may face. We receive calls 24/7 and ensure that our team of experts promptly intervenes in problems. Our technical operation and maintenance services can be applied to all your facilities, automated or non-automated, enabling you to yield the maximum output with the minimum cost.

Remember that unexpected costs constitute 25% of a facility's annual operational expenses. Keeping this in mind, we are ready to cooperate with your company to minimize your costs and boost your performance.