Private Security Services

Private Security Services

Are you looking for high quality, affordable, and professional security services to make sure that your stakeholders feel safer? At United Group, we are at your service with our professional and experienced team, ensuring the safety of your company, customers, employees, guests and facilities.

Working in a safe and peaceful environment is a basic need and fundamental right for everybody. At United Group, we believe that an accurate understanding of new security threats in today's world is the first step towards preventing them. Thus, we primarily seek to gather the most accurate information about your enterprise and your facilities in order to provide top-quality security services to our customers.

Through site surveys conducted by our team of experts with various specialties, we obtain an accurate picture of all the details and sensitive aspects of your facility. Based on these inputs, we provide private security services including threat monitoring, reporting, analysis, real-time alert and intervention with a view to make you comfortable.

What Our Private Security Services Offer

  • We deliver professional security services to hospitals, plants, shopping malls, plazas, hotels, and schools among many others.
  • Our well-trained and responsible employees make sure that your visitors and employees feel safe.
  • We meet all your security needs with our high-tech equipment.
  • We ensure superior performance through a professional approach and routine controls.