Professional Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services

Employees and customers are the most valuable stakeholders of companies. To thrive in  the modern business world, companies need to adopt a people-oriented approach. Having a hygienic working environment for your employees and squeaky clean areas for your customers are the most prominent indicators of being an organization which values human life.

At United Group, we adopt an unconventional, human health-focused, environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to professional cleaning and add value to our business partners by developing technological methods and enhancing employee productivity.

In addition to creating a positive impact on the environment with our professional cleaning efforts, we offer our customers accurate, cost-effective and convenient services by developing service control mechanisms along with effective and efficient reporting and recording systems.

What We Offer in Professional Cleaning Services

  • Industrial cleaning (Factories, Production and Manufacturing Plants)
  • General cleaning services (Plazas, Building Complexes, Schools, Shopping Malls, Airports)
  • Window and facade cleaning
  • Cleaning of hospitals and clinical spaces
  • Hotel cleaning
  • Nanotechnological cleaning (Sterilization, air cleaning, ambient cleaning, textile cleaning)

To stand out in professional cleaning services and add value to your enterprise, at United Group;

  • Our specialized and experienced team surveys your facility and prepares a tailor-made cleaning plan envisaging the use of the right equipment in specific areas.
  • We design and implement a work plan to allow for regular, continuous, efficient and safe delivery of cleaning services.
  • Our professional inspection team controls all cleaning operations on-site and periodically.
  • We are able to offer solutions rapidly in case of unexpected events such as emergencies, special needs, and adverse weather conditions.