Corporate Car Rental Services

Corporate Car Rental Services

Corporate vehicle rental enables companies to work with an experienced business partner for their vehicle needs, instead of supplying the vehicles themselves. Through professional car rental services, you will also benefit from tax advantages such as VAT discounts and zero vehicle maintenance cost as well as installment plans. United Fleet is always ready to be your long-term business partner. 

One of the most important components that strengthens the image of a company is undoubtedly the quality of its vehicles. Instead of buying vehicles for your corporate needs, from picking up your guests and customers to the cars used by your teams, you can benefit from corporate car rental services.  At United Fleet, we identify your needs thoroughly and make sure that our professional corporate car rental services provide you with the best representation your company deserves.

What United Fleet Corporate Car Rental Services Include

  • With our long-term car rental service and our extensive vehicle pool, we make sure that your needs for different types of vehicle are met.
  • Thanks to our high-security VIP transfer services, you can make your guests and clients have an excellent experience from the very first moment, and create a strong corporate impression.
  • After you call our hotline regarding any problem with your vehicles, our vehicle maintenance and repair services will not only mobilize personnel from the nearest service station to your location, it will also follow up each step until your car is ready for use again.

We are ready to take you to wherever you would like to go!


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