President Erdoğan and Minister Göktaş Opened the Darülaceze Social Life City


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, "Darülaceze, which has been a home of compassion for more than 100 thousand people, 30 thousand of whom are children, is both a source of pride and inspiration for us." said.

President Erdoğan and Minister of Family and Social Services Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş attended the Opening Ceremony of the Darülaceze Social Life City, which was completed in Arnavutköy.

In his speech at the ceremony, President Erdoğan said that he remembered with mercy Sultan Abdülhamid-i Sani, who founded the Darülaceze and brought this distinguished roof, which was the shelter of the orphans, to the nation and all humanity.

Thanking those who have contributed to the Darülaceze since its establishment, Erdoğan said, "We are people who believe that those who do good in the world will find good in the future. Our belief tells us that the book of deeds of those who leave beneficial works to humanity, especially to those in need, will not be closed even after their death." he said.

Stating that Darülaceze, which was established 128 years ago, is such a work, Erdoğan said, "Hospice, which has been a home of compassion for more than 100 thousand people, 30 thousand of which are children, is both a source of pride and inspiration for us. 'Let people live so that the state "Hospice is one of the institutions that embodies the principle of 'Long Live'. This is a symbolic institution that embraces and protects all the poor, regardless of religion, origin, race or gender, and provides a sheltered shelter for them." he said.

Emphasizing that Darülaceze is one of the most beautiful structures that show the view of civilizations towards humans, Erdoğan said, "Under this roof, there is magnanimity and selflessness. There is an understanding of respecting people just because they are human. Here, instead of the 'Man is a wolf of man' mentality imposed by modern culture, we see people as 'honest creatures'." There is magnanimity that sees it as said.

Thanking the organizations that provided financial support for the construction of the Darülaceze Social Life City, Erdoğan said, "If our financial institutions had not been behind this work, we could not have completed this place in such a short time, that is, 1.5 years was the maximum." he said.

Stating that the facility has horizontal, not vertical, architecture, Erdoğan emphasized that there are Seljuk, Ottoman and Republican architectural acquis in the facility. President Erdoğan said, "I believe that they will live here, and they will probably pray a lot for those who serve them. Of course, our perspective on worldly life also has an impact on the establishment of a home of compassion like the Hospice. According to our imagination, illness is like health, old age is like youth, and poverty is like wealth." None of us know what awaits us in the future, what tomorrow will bring to us, what we will become, how we will spend our old age. See how the men of the heart imagine the journey of this world: 'Don't be sad and sad, neither will it be eternal. / Ya Hu. Nothing is permanent in this mortal world except God." he said.

Stating that the important thing is to complete the world's test by leaving behind useful works for people like Darülaceze, and to always be remembered with gratitude, goodness and beauty, Erdoğan said that the greatest wealth is neither property nor possessions, but the sincere prayer of the nation, "May God be pleased with him."

"We served all our citizens with love, without discrimination."

Underlining that he has followed in the footsteps of his ancestors in his political journey and always acted with this understanding in all the positions he has undertaken since he became the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Erdoğan said, "As our Prophet said in the hadith 'Hayru'n-nas men yenfeu'n-nas', 'The best of people is It is the most beneficial to humanity.' His advice is a measure and guide for us. We have served all our citizens with love, without any discrimination. We have made our mark in all 81 provinces of our country, in infrastructure and superstructure. We have extended Turkey's hand of mercy to the oppressed all over the world. We proudly waved it to Asia. We tried to increase the welfare of everyone, starting from the most disadvantaged and most excluded segments of society. We will prove this in Darülaceze. It is a center where special attention is paid to helping the poor. made his assessment.

"We did not regard any of the opportunities we provided as a favor."

Erdoğan emphasized that they always protect the relics of the martyrs, heroic veterans, the disabled and the elderly in need of care, and made the following statements:

"We will continue to protect it here, too. We have implemented many regulations in a wide range of areas such as education, rehabilitation, employment, social assistance, home care, entrepreneurship, sports and cultural activities, health and accessibility. We have never considered any work we did or any opportunity we provided as a favor. On the contrary, we saw it as a surrender of rights. We supported our disabled people and their families with hope homes, disabled day care centers, and institutional care centers. Here, I would like to share some figures to give you an idea, when we took over the duty of governing Turkey in 2002. Do you know what the number of care and rehabilitation centers was? 21. Today it is 107. Within the scope of the home care assistance we started in 2007, 561 thousand 752 citizens are paid 5 thousand 98 lira monthly in 417 public and private care centers. "We are doing this. 654 of our brothers and sisters receive services in the 149 hope homes we have established for disabled people who cannot be cared for by their families."

“Work on 134 barrier-free day life centers continues"

Stating that 134 barrier-free day life centers continue to work across Turkey, with at least one center in each province, Erdoğan said, "We have many other services, projects and supports like this. Even though the elites and those living in ivory towers do not know, our citizens in need are aware of these services offered." He knows and appreciates the services very well. When it comes to words, we are not among those who always talk about the people, populism and the social state, but look down on the people throughout their political lives. No matter what office we hold, we have always been close to our people, our deep-rooted, noble state tradition. "By blending it with the state approach, we have developed a new and original understanding in this field." he said.

"We will continue to be the orphan of the orphans"

Pointing out that the social state qualification specified in the Constitution was fully achieved during their rule, Erdoğan said, "Turkey is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of the comprehensiveness of the social security umbrella. We are very pleased to have introduced such a system to the Turkish politics and administrative system. We will continue to be the orphan of the orphans." " said.

President Erdoğan stated that the best example of their understanding that produces service and action instead of words is the distinguished work that was opened today, and continued as follows:

"We laid the foundation of the Darülaceze Social Life City about 1.5 years ago, on May 20, 2022. Our goal was to finish this place within a year and put it at the service of our people. However, due to the earthquakes we experienced on February 6, in which we lost more than 50 thousand lives under the ruins. There was a delay of 5 months. Despite the earthquake disaster, we followed the construction process of our project closely and mobilized all our resources to complete it as soon as possible by giving the necessary instructions to our Minister of Family. Our City of Life was built according to the horizontal architectural principle. Our city consists of 23 blocks with a capacity of 928 beds, including healthy, donor, bedridden, Alzheimer's, Dementia and children's units. In addition to these blocks, there are also 5 blocks in our city. "The donor unit was located on 19 thousand square meters, leaving a reserve area with a capacity of 400 beds."

"We brought an exemplary work to our Istanbul and our country in every respect."

Pointing out that there are walking paths, different seating groups, bicycle paths, ponds and hobby gardens in the landscape area, Erdogan said, "The accommodation units consist of rooms for maximum 4 people with a common rest area and a floor kitchen on each floor. Administrative buildings, polyclinic, conference center, places of worship." We see that we have brought an exemplary work to our Istanbul and our country with its rehabilitation and physical therapy centers and all its other social facilities. We consider it as a proof of this that our Darülaceze Social Life City has been awarded with one of the most important real estate awards in the world in the field of public service architecture. "I would like to thank him for enabling us to provide such a valuable service. I would especially like to thank both my ministers and Mr. Hamza, as the director of the Hospice, and his team." He included his statements.

Thanking everyone who contributed to the construction of the Darülaceze, President Erdoğan stated that he would express an important issue and said, "As you know, Sultan Abdülhamid Han led the auction organized to contribute to the establishment of the Darülaceze with his personal belongings donated from his personal fortune. Thus, Abdulhamit Han, this "It has enabled thousands of philanthropists to participate in the great charity movement." he said.

Stating that the Darülaceze has been carrying out all its services with the donations of philanthropists and volunteers since that day, Erdoğan said, "We also expressed in our groundbreaking ceremony that we expected our philanthropists to support the project. Many of our organizations and companies responded positively to this call and said 'Let us also have salt in the soup'. In this context, the second one "I would especially like to thank all our donors who contributed to this project with the charity auction held in 2021. May God accept your charity in the glory of the dervish lodge." he said.

"The Riyadh Summit disturbed him greatly"

Underlining that just as Turkey protects its own citizens, they also support the oppressed in the region and the world, starting from their neighbors, Erdoğan continued as follows:

"We opened our doors to Christians who escaped from the sectarian wars in Europe, just like the Jews who escaped from the Inquisition 5 centuries ago. Now, I see that Netanyahu is taking his two ministers with him and making a press statement yesterday. He is very disturbed. French President Macron's statements made him feel uneasy." The Riyadh Summit disturbed him very much. What did I say recently, on the plane ride back? Hey Netanyahu, these are your good days. Why are those grandfathers, those children, wrapped in a shroud? ", those mothers smelled the bodies of those martyred children and took them to the grave. Their curses will not cure you."

Erdoğan said, "Netanyahu, you should know this, you go. Don't take the curse of the oppressed, slowly. It will come out. We saw these clearly and clearly yesterday at the Riyadh Summit. The whole issue is the unity, solidarity and solidarity of the Islamic world. But above all, I say something else: Turkey's unity, solidarity and solidarity are above all." he said.

Reminding that everyone knows how they embraced their compatriots who were expelled from their homes from the Balkans to the Caucasus in the past, Erdoğan said, "We held the hand of those who fell, regardless of the identity of the oppressed and the oppressor, and tried to prevent oppression. Today, while we are giving one of the strongest reactions against the massacres against the people of Gaza, we are approaching the issue only from a humanitarian perspective." he said.

President Erdoğan said, "We say that children, who are the joy of homes, should not die. We say that mothers should not hug the cold bodies of their children. We say that fathers should not be filled with the fire of what they have lost in their hearts. All our efforts since 2007 have been to ensure a ceasefire without more blood, tears and destruction, and to ensure that a climate of peace prevails in our region." "for." said.

Pointing out the solidarity they showed with the Palestinian people at the Extraordinary Joint Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League held yesterday in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, Erdogan said that with Turkey's proposals, the humanitarian aid to Gaza will be uninterrupted and uninterrupted. He underlined that they made important decisions on many issues, including regular transportation.

Erdoğan said, "Declaring (Jewish) Settlers as terrorists was, in my opinion, the most important item in this final declaration. We will follow the decision taken." said.

Emphasizing that they will continue to make efforts to establish a ceasefire and end the massacres in Gaza in this process, Erdoğan said, "We will shout out the right and truth very strongly on every platform, without hesitation from anyone, regardless of what anyone says. I hope to attend the international meeting to be held in Istanbul on Wednesday under the auspices of my wife." "We will take this dignified stance one step further." he said.

Underlining that they will intensify their contacts in the coming days to mobilize all countries with conscience and vision, together with the Islamic world, Erdoğan continued as follows:

"As a country that has no shame in its past, including colonialism and genocide, we are well aware of our responsibilities. We are trying to fulfill this with cold-blooded and prudent steps. We have never let down the people who placed their hopes on our nation at any time in our history. Hopefully, we will not disappoint the oppressed from now on either. We will keep their eyes and hearts on our country." "We will not turn our backs on anyone who directs us, I say, may God help us."

Erdoğan concluded his speech by wishing that the Darülaceze Social Life City, which he opened, would be beneficial to the entire nation, especially its residents:

"I congratulate all of our ministers, our president, and the contractor firm's architect, engineer, and all my fellow workers who contributed to the bringing of this distinguished building to Istanbul, and I wish God bless our benefactors. Cennetmekan once again commemorates Sultan Abdülhamid-i Sani with perfect decency, I greet you with my most heartfelt feelings."

“We carry the legacy of our Draülaceze into the new century with our Social Life City”

In his speech, Minister of Family and Social Services Göktaş reminded that the groundbreaking ceremony of the Darülaceze Social Life City, which was completed in Arnavutköy, was held in May last year, with the instructions and attendance of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Stating that he is here today with the excitement, happiness and pride of keeping his promise, Göktaş said, "We are the heirs of a great civilization. We are a team that draws inspiration and strength from the past and builds the past. We are soldiers of a cause that carries forward the legacy of our ancestors by equipping it with the requirements of the age. 128 years ago "We offered the world a model in terms of social service with Darülaceze. From this perspective, we are carrying the legacy of our groundbreaking Darülaceze into the new century with our Social Life City." he said.

Minister Göktaş thanked President Erdoğan, who declared the "Century of Turkey" as the "century of compassion" and sealed it with such a valuable work that has no equal in the world.

Stating that the "century of compassion" means raising their voices louder than anyone else where the conscience of humanity is silent and extending a helping hand to the oppressed wherever they are in the world, Göktaş said:

"Our City of Social Life, which we are opening with you today, is one of the most valuable signs of this tradition. Our visitors know that there is a pedestal in the garden of our hospice. This pedestal is equal distance from the church, the synagogue and the mosque. So much so that every time this door is knocked, everyone comes. "He welcomed everyone in with the same sincerity, regardless of the color of his skin, who he was, what he believed in, what language he spoke. This door welcomed the guests who came with a wisdom far beyond trust and peace, work and excess, with great love and tolerance."

Göktaş said that they witnessed one of the most terrible massacres in human history in Gaza today and said, "As our President stated at the Extraordinary Joint Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, the Israeli administration is committing crimes against humanity in front of the eyes of the whole world. In Gaza, women and children "People, including the elderly, the sick, are being killed and their homes are being invaded. In this genocide, which has been going on for 37 days, unfortunately, 73 percent of the civilians who lost their lives are women and children." he said.

Stating that the Israeli administration even uses water as a weapon, Göktaş said, "As always, we will continue to be the voice of Palestine and stand by the just cause of our Palestinian brothers. In this context, under the leadership of the Honorable Lady (Emine Erdoğan), we will continue to support the orphans in Palestine. "We have started our initiatives to extend a hand of compassion to the remaining children." said.

Göktaş stated that they will undoubtedly extend the helping hand they extended to the victimized children in Ukraine to the Palestinian children as well.

"It became a gateway to compassion for 100 thousand people"

Noting that the Darülaceze, which was established with the donation made by Sultan Abdulhamid II, is an institution that is far ahead of its time, Göktaş said, "Hospice, a bridge between the past and the future, has become a door of hope for children, the elderly and the sick. Sultan Abdulhamid II's "This institution, to which he gave his life, has become stronger day by day with our donors. Since its establishment, it has been a source of compassion for a total of 100 thousand people, 30 thousand of whom are children, and currently continues to be a home for nearly 600 people." he said.

Göktaş continued his speech as follows:

"With the vision of our esteemed President, the most beautiful social life city in the world is being established in Istanbul, the most beautiful city in the world. Our Social Life City was built with the understanding of 'slow, horizontal, livable' city. The project of our Social Life City is also the International City of Social Life given in London. It also won the 'Best Public Service Architecture' award in the regional competition of the Real Estate Awards."


Stating that the Darülaceze Social Life City, which bears the traces of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture, consists of 23 blocks in total, Göktaş said, "We will provide services with a bed capacity of 928 in our Life City. It was planned to increase the bed capacity up to 1400 if necessary. This project is a project where the world's population is rapidly aging." "In such a period, we will produce proactive solutions to worldwide problems related to the care services of elderly and disabled individuals with our Hospice Social Life City, which was implemented by foreseeing the needs with a visionary perspective." said.

"We will build new campuses in line with the founding philosophy of the Darülaceze"

Minister Göktaş emphasized that they will ensure that Turkey becomes a leading country in this field and said, "We aim to achieve social and economic development for elderly and disabled individuals through health tourism. We will support the professional development of trained professionals by offering them education and career opportunities at high quality standards. With the resources obtained from donations, "We will build new campuses in line with the founding philosophy of Darülaceze. Our Social Life City is very valuable as a unique model. Another important philosophy is to popularize this model with different applications." he said.

"We left a strong mark on Turkish political history"

Stating that they are working non-stop to provide every opportunity to the nation, especially to people in need of support, Göktaş said, "Our civilization and social service experience are a road map for us. In this direction, under your leadership, we have left a strong mark on Turkish political history with our work and service policy for 21 years. Republic' "We are crowning the 100th anniversary of our company with a beautiful historical work in terms of social services. Darülaceze is a legacy, a plane tree under whose shadow we grew up. We leave this legacy to future generations by preserving it and transforming it according to the requirements of the age." said.

Minister Göktaş concluded his words by stating that Darülaceze Social Life City will be remembered as one of the projects that best describes the vision of the "Turkey Century".

After the speeches, Minister Göktaş and Hospice President Hamza Cebeci presented a painting to President Erdoğan.

President Erdoğan and Minister Göktaş, President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. After Ali Erbaş's prayer, he cut the opening ribbon together with the protocol members who attended the ceremony.

During the ceremony, a live link to the groundbreaking ceremony of Darülaceze Lodgings was also made available.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, "How long will it take to finish the place where we laid the foundation?" Erdoğan asked, "They said 16 months, but how much do you ask?" "If you want to know how much I mean, 1 year at most. I hope we have to finish this new project in 1 year. After that, we will also have a beautiful, magnificent opening there." he said.

"It's not imaginary, it's all real"

President Erdoğan then pressed the groundbreaking button with the protocol members and said, "O Lord, grant all our brothers, our minister, our president, all of them, the entire administration, the ability to complete these new works without any accidents or trouble. As you can see, the concrete has started to flow from the mixer right now. You can see." Isn't it? It's not a dream, it's all real." said.

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