Ethical Principles

Ethical Principles

Our Ethical Principles are based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. All of our policies comply with this statement.

Responsibilities Towards Our Employees
We establish our relationships with our employees on the foundations of honesty, justice and equality of opportunity and do not allow any form of discrimination. We provide the safe and healthy working environment they deserve and ensure the full use of their personal rights. We pay attention to the individual development of our employees for their career journeys.

Responsibilities Towards Competitors / Compliance with Competition Law
United Group determines its understanding of competition according to the limits of competition law and business ethics. As a requirement of this principle, we avoid actions that fall outside competition law and relevant regulations or that would be contrary to the protection of the competitive structure.
Outside the limits permitted by the legislation, we avoid agreements and behaviors with competitors or other persons and organizations that directly or indirectly aim to prevent, distort or restrict competition, or that have or may have this effect.

Responsibilities Towards Society and Humanity
We are a proactive follower of human and environmentally focused goals for a sustainable life. Beyond the support and compliance we show in our own activities with global development goals and climate change policies, we aim to build a prosperous future with the goals we set for ourselves.
Democracy, human rights and environmental protection, education, charity, and the elimination of crime and corruption. With the awareness of being citizens, we are sensitive as pioneers in social issues, take part in non-governmental organizations, are sensitive to the traditions and cultures of the countries in which we operate, and do not give or accept bribes or gifts of products and services that exceed the intended value.

Donations, Sponsorships and Social Investments
United Group continues its activities to contribute to social development and the economic and environmental development of the country. In line with this purpose, it can carry out social responsibility projects; We can make direct or indirect donations and sponsor events that are in line with our culture, values ​​and principles. We carry out donation and sponsorship processes in a transparent manner, taking care that these activities do not conflict with United Group values, principles, goals or commercial interests.

Fighting Bribery and Corruption
As United Group, we attach great importance to the fight against corruption and bribery and take decisive steps in this regard. We fully comply with all laws regarding bribery and corruption in our business activities. We strictly adhere to this principle and expect our employees and third parties to comply with the same standards. In our relations with public officials and political figures, we act in accordance with the legislation and do not attempt to gain or influence any benefit. We record gifts and entertainment within the limits specified in our policies and procedures and process them in accordance with accounting rules. Additionally, before entering into commercial relations, we carefully verify that the persons concerned are not on international sanctions lists. In this way, we meticulously fulfill our ethical values ​​and legal responsibilities and adopt a transparent business approach.

Equal Treatment and Equal Opportunity
As United Group, one of our basic principles is to treat all our employees equally and fairly in employment, wage increases, opportunities and other matters. Discrimination; We are against differences such as race, religion, language or thought being a determinant of opportunities, benefits or freedom among our employees. We respect the needs of our employees arising from their health, safety, cleanliness or belief. We never tolerate child labour, slavery, human trafficking, violence, harassment and forced labour.

Respect for Human Rights
In line with our goal of being an exemplary institution that avoids instrumentalizing people while creating value in order to build a sustainable future, consisting of successful and competent employees, and that everyone is proud to be a part of, we do not compromise on equal treatment and fairness to all our stakeholders, and we demand the same attitude from all our stakeholders.

Work Safety
As United Group and all its companies, we meticulously comply with legal regulations, modern standards and measures for OHS to ensure the occupational health and safety of our colleagues, contractors and third parties. We aim to ensure the safety and protect the health of our employees, contractors and third parties.

Environmental Responsibility
United Group has a firm commitment to protecting the environment. Ensures accountability regarding the impact of our activities on natural and human habitats; We accept human health, operational safety and respect for the environment as essential criteria in our investment choices.
In our activities, we adopt an attitude that complies with the relevant legislation, considers the sustainable use of limited natural resources, reduces waste and attaches importance to recycling.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Data
As United Group, we are aware of our responsibility to protect the personal, commercial, technical and similar information of our employees, customers, business partners and stakeholders. Trade secrets, financial information, customer-employee information belonging to United Group and its companies, all information, documents, hardware-software and applications acquired during the working period, as well as all works, agreements and studies prepared by the employees during their working period in the institution, are confidential and under the ownership of the institution. . Complies with the relevant legislation regarding the use, protection and sharing of private information of individuals and organizations; We only share information within the scope of activity, with relevant authorities and for relevant projects. We comply with our obligations based on relevant legislation and contracts when sharing trade secrets and other confidential information.

Responsibilities Toward Customers
With our customer satisfaction-oriented service approach, we fully inform our customers about their needs and demands and ensure that services are provided completely and on time. Our priority in providing these services is to never compromise on high quality while complying with our commitments. We carry out every work we do within the framework of confidentiality principles.

Legal Responsibilities
We carry out all our activities in accordance with the laws to which we are subject and the applicable legislation, and record them in a timely and transparent manner. As United Group, we do not engage in any practices that would violate the laws and rules that are a requirement of social life.