Fields of Activity

Fields of Activity

We are expanding our service network in major sectors that play an important role in Turkey's development.


UNTD Construction is achieving significant success by adding tomorrow's technologies to its sectoral expertise. After taking part in THY Istanbul Airport Support Zone and Ziraat Towers in 2019, it continues to build mega projects with the Darülaceze Directorate University and Dormitory Project, Maxicells Plasma Fractionation Facility Project, THY DH Building, Darülaceze Social Service City Project.

Corporate Services

UFS Corporate Services, inspired by its years of experience in the field, offers solution partnership with a 360-degree service philosophy with professional cleaning, security, logistics, integrated facility management, catering, technical maintenance and repair, event management and agency services.


Ortem is Turkey's leading ECU manufacturer in automotive electronics. It cooperates with leading brands of national and global markets and directly sells products such as TOGG, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Temsa, Otokar, Karsan, BMC, Iveco, Akia, Isuzu etc. with the technologies it produces. with global brands; indirectly Ford, Fiat etc. Works with other international brands.


United Group prioritizes customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility by offering clean energy solutions focusing on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectricity. Providing efficient and sustainable services in the energy sector with its high technology and expert staff, United Group Energy aims to provide the energy of the future today.


Our Brands That Shape the Future